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Ballooning Company name changed in

SEAL Expeditions 

 For a  fantastic balloon flight over the Netherlands

 Book now !!

Hot air Ballooning with Seal Ballooning an experience that you will not soon forget 


 SEAL Expeditions is a government recognized, professional and  international operating balloon flight company.

That since 1989 has been able to provide many thirty-five hundred of Individuals and and many Companies an unforgettable balloon adventures                                                      


The hot air balloon is the first flying object in our history been built by human hands "

Hot air ballooning was the first possibility for humans to break free from the earth

More than 230 years ago, the Montgolfier brothers discovered the rising power of hot-air.

Not much has changed about that principle in 200 years.

But of course the technology has not stood still and ballooning is now a lot more modern and safer.


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